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   IVANAL newsletter 2021.

We are a new/old company
that started business with
01. August 2003. IVANAL Ltd, in fact, started its business on 01. Aug. 1937.

During 2007 we have proudly announced
70-th anniversary of IVANAL

With autumn 2009 we announce the start
of production on our new location


Welcome Ivanal d.o.o. website.

You can find here basic information about Ivanal, what is the company all about, the future
and the history of Ivanal. We've also provided you with a contact section, for you to send
you're questions, and the location section for you to pinpoint our location.


The basic capacity of the factory were built in the interval 1936 - 1940 (the electrolysis in 1937; hydrated alumina operating sector in 1939). Since 1940 the erected establishment reached the installed capacity of 3000 t/y of hydrated alumina and 3000 t/y of aluminum.

In the two electrolysis buildings there were 54 electrolytic ovens with the Soderberg anodes installed. The proper thermoelectric plant, foundry and other assisting buildings were built.
It employed 400 hands.

The future development strategy is based on:

  • The increase of die casting production - purchase of a 1100 tons high pressure die
    casting machine
  • The development of machining aluminium die castings - already
    purchased CNC machines
  • Enhancement of the respective quality procedures – introduction of ISO TS 16949
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