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   IVANAL newsletter 2021.

We are a new/old company
that started business with
01. August 2003. IVANAL Ltd, in fact, started its business on 01. Aug. 1937.

During 2007 we have proudly announced
70-th anniversary of IVANAL

With autumn 2009 we announce the start
of production on our new location


The previous owners

ImageDr. I. R. Ivanović (treated as a Jew) and his wife Jelka were persecuted since 1941..

Dr. I. R. Ivanović was deprived of his ownership over the factory (the facts for Jelka Ivanović are not known) during the II world war, but they were both certainly deprived of any means to participate in managing the factory.

In a plotted political process, which had the only goal to confiscate the factory, by the judgment of the Supreme Court of Croatia in Zagreb, No K-645/45 of January 9th 1946 Dr. I. R. Ivanović and his wife Jelka were condemned, and all the property of the company "IVANAL" d.d. was confiscated - the factory in Lozovac with all the immovables, factory buildings and all the be of the company.

The heirs of the former owners

The only heir of Dr. I. R. Ivanović and Jelka Ivanović is Dr. Marko Ivanović from Croatia, Rijeka, Liburnijska 6. The inheritance was achieved legally by inheriting and donating by other heirs (Daška Marija McLean, born Ivanović, Barkston gdns., London; Ivan Stevan (Vane) Ivanović, Cadogan Sq., London)

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